Masters of Accounting Scholarships

How to Use the Scholarship Directory

If you need assistance subsidizing your master’s degree, search the scholarship directory we have compiled below. Use the filters offered to determine which scholarships you are eligible for. For instance, if you want scholarships available to student pursuing an all-online program, uncheck the “hybrid” filter to eliminate campus-based scholarship. You can also filter for scholarships based on your grade point average so you don’t waste time applying to those that you don’t qualify for. Finally, you can use the ethnicity filter to seek scholarships that are only available to people of a given demographic, which narrows the field of applicants and gives you a better chance of getting funding for your education.

Remember, this is a good starting point for seeking master’s in accounting scholarships, but you can also speak directly with the financial aid department of your university for departmental scholarships. And if you are currently employed in accounting, check with your employer, as many companies are willing to partially subsidize higher education for their employees, since they will bring more value to the company with a master’s degree.

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Understand Trends in Accounting Scholarships

Many of the scholarships featured here are targeted at students entering highly specialized areas of accounting, like taxation, forensic accounting, and auditing. You’ll have a better chance of getting money for your education if you know exactly how you want to use your degree. Furthermore, you are always more likely to get a scholarship in a narrow area of specialization where there are fewer applicants than you would if you apply to general accounting and finance scholarships, where you will be up against more competition.

Another trend is to offer educational funding to graduate students who want to use their degree to help others. In an effort to attract more qualified accountants to underserved communities and industries, many sponsors limit eligibility to students who are interested in working less popular areas such as state tax departments or education.

Notable Accounting Scholarships

IMA Scholarship Program

The Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business provides a number of scholarships and grants for MAcc students. These are reserved for graduate and undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in management accounting, financial management or information technology. Beyond that, specific degree specializations are not required. Awards range from $500 to a full academic year of tuition and fee coverage. Part-time students qualify, but all applicants must be prepared to provide proof that they are currently enrolled in an accredited accounting program.

The Ritchie-Sennings Memorial Scholarship

The purpose of the Ritchie-Sennings award is to advance the level of fraud awareness and prevention in the financial services industry. To that end, thirty awards of $1,000 are awarded annually to students pursuing degrees related to accounting, business and finance, or criminal justice. This scholarship is reserved for students enrolled in an accredited accounting program full-time. It is non-renewable and may be applied to both undergraduate and graduate tuition payments.

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